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Forgotten Bon Fire Day

I have been living in the US for five years, have lost track with things related to Chinese New Year. Just realized that today is the 15th of first month of 2012 according to the lunar calendar. When I was little, people in the village would set up a chain of bon fire throughout the entire village during the day. The tradition is to have everyone in the community jump over the bon fire chain at night when they are all lit. It was considered a sign of crossing bad karma and all kinds of other stuff. I was too young, too short, so my uncle would pick me up and jump over the bon fire. Everyone was there, including some old folks who clearly could not do the jump. Some naughty boys would throw fireworks into the fire when people are jumping, which made them very happy but the adults very annoyed. However, everyone had a good time laughing together.

I miss those days so much as I was looking out the window on this rainy North Carolina sunday…