Yep, it is my birthday today, September 14th. This is how I used to remember my birthday (and yes, I did have trouble¬†differentiating¬†my birthday from my sisters, and I will tell you why later): four days before the Mid-autumn festival, which is a Chinese traditional holiday. People make moon cakes to celebrate the full moon. It represents family harmony and all other good stuff related to family. And yes, that used to be HOW I remembered MY birthday. Move on to my sister’s birthday. She was born on September 24th, two years after. Growing up, my birthday was never celebrated separately from hers—-my family decided to COMBINE our birthdays and celebrate it on September 24th! Birthdays were not a big deal for people from my part of China back then. We had other things to worry about I guess, such as mid-autumn festival, or the 15th of eighth month of the lunar calendar– I know, I know, it is complicated.

Anyway, today is my birthday. I got birthday wishes from friends on Facebook, QQ, and so forth. I am really excited now! I have started celebrating my birthday properly ever since I came to America more than 5 years ago. I guess I no longer live “under the shadow” of my sister’s birthday ^_^! But wait, I have not heard anything from my family wishing me a happy birthday yet. Apparently, no one remembered that it was my birthday today. I might hear from them on the 24th of September…

No, I am not mad when I am writing this. I just think it is funny.


Mom’s lovely garden

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