Tribute to my little nephew (Age 6, 3rd grade, smartest kid in his class, smartest kid in my family, happily lives in China)

Ok, let me just begin by admitting that I only watched the opening and closing ceremonies of this entire world-class event! My favorite part of every Olympic game (to be fair, 2008 Beijing Olympic was the first Olympic game that I was old enough to remember or care) is the parade of participating countries. A few reasons explain why this is my favorite part: 1, I get to learn about new countries that I have no idea where they are located; 2. I get to see what each country is wearing ( I just simply love seeing what they are wearing); 3. I get to see how many players each country has sent; 4, I LOVE to hear the announcers say the countries’ names in French!

But, I am not making any comments on the opening and closing ceremonies themselves. Let’s just say, it was interesting. But I was surprised to learn one thing: Victoria Beckham WAS a member of Spice Girls? I know, I know, this sounds terrible. I know about her, but nothing about Spice Girls. Apparently they were the most financially successful girl band in the history of mankind. When I heard that comment, I did gasp.

The reason I am making this post is because my nephew (age 6) would not stop talking about how he is sad that he will never be able to see Kobe Bryant play basketball in person when he grows up and comes to the US to watch NBA. He kept asking me if I saw Kobe dunk or whatever the basketball terms people use to describe certain activities. Oh yeah, right, I need to learn these terminologies. I am a Blue Devil! I love NCAA games, I am just not very good at describing games…

Well, Kobe will be gone by then. But I am sure he will have someone else to watch.

Red Hat @ Children’s Day event

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