It is back to school time! I hosted a couple of friends who are in town for the campus move-in. One of the ladies I hosted flew straight from Beijing. So it is not hard to imagine the issues she had to face with the flight delays and even cancellation. But after all that, she made it. I was imaging a stressed out, lost, and crying girl coming out of the terminal. But no, she seemed excited! She was outgoing and loud. I was totally surprised.

5 years ago, I did the same thing as her. I flew all the way from the other side of the earth to North Carolina for school. I was nothing like her though. I do not remember myself being happy. I came from the highest place on earth, the waves of NC heat soon took all my energy away. I could hardly breathe– at least that was how I felt. Surrounded by 18-year-old kids who would not stop talking, I felt so alone because I did not know how to butt into any of their conversations, such as something about Destiny’s Child, and so forth… The rest of my 4 years at Duke University is a long and successful story… I guess.

I am so happy for this girl who has such a positive spirit!


Good luck!

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